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      華東師范大學周風教授學術報告 7月30日下午(騰訊會議室)
      發布時間: 2020-07-25 訪問次數: 10

      報告題目【Fast and slow decaying solutions to Lane-Emden equation】

      時間:2020年7月30日下午15: 30

      地點:騰訊會議室(會議號:457 614 577)




      報告摘要: We will talk about solutions with fast decaying or slow decaying at infinity to Lane-Emden equation with nonhomogeneous potenti(al and when the exponent belongs to certain range involving the Joseph-Lundgren exponent. Sequences of fast decaying solutions and slow decaying solutions have been constructed involving some suitable nonhomogeneous potential. The fact that there is no slow decaying solution for Lane-Emden equation with more than one singular points for homogeneous case will also be discussed. The talk is based on joint works with H.Y.Chen, X.Huang and Z.M.Guo.